Sonic Concepts is a leader in the ultrasound transducer design and manufacturing market.  Here are a few words from experts in the industry.

The Sonic Concepts team is considered expert in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge, top-of-the line therapeutic transducers. Together, we will deliver the HIFUPlex Portfolio, enabling high quality and broad flexibility in focused ultrasound research that can meet a wide range of requirements and budgetary constraints. We are looking forward to a collaboration with Sonic Concepts that advances and benefits the growing FUS community of scientists.

Lauren Pflugrath, President & CEO

Sonic Concepts has been developing our survey transducers for more than 20 years, some of which are still in operation. Our ultrasound surveying system utilizes Sonic’s high sensitivity and bandwidth technology while operating at 200 atmospheres of pressure, high temperature and harsh chemical environments.

Sean McCool, Operations Manager

Seattle Children’s Research Institute is working toward a novel application in treating pediatric hemophilia using high-intensity ultrasound. Sonic Concepts has lived up to its reputation in providing us with a variety of transducer designs that push the boundaries of material science and leverage its ultrasound expertise toward gene transfection.

Carol H. Miao, PhD, Principle Investigator

Sonic Concepts helps lead the development of FUS technology.


The Biomedical Ultrasonics, Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals Laboratory (BUBBL) at the University of Oxford has been developing novel ultrasound-based therapies for non-invasive surgery and drug delivery since its creation in 2004, and has been working closely with Sonic Concepts across all stages of technological development, from early laboratory concept studies to in vivo experimentation and clinical trials. Throughout this fruitful collaboration, we have come to expect not only excellence in manufacturing, acoustic performance and servicing of transducers, but also creative and expert input into the design, modelling and implementation of innovative and demanding ultrasound transducers for a broad range of applications. A key feature of this interaction has been the excellent agreement consistently obtained between acoustic modelling during the design phase and the resulting acoustic field, which has enabled us to push the boundaries of customization with confidence.

Professor Constantin Coussios
Statutory Chair of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford
Director, Oxford Centre for Drug Delivery Devices

Sonic Concepts understands how to optimize transducer performance to the harsh marine environment we operate in. As a critical supplier, they continue to provide high-quality transducer arrays to our sonar systems.

Joe Burch, President

George Keilman is arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs in focused ultrasound.