With more than 30 years of ultrasonic design and manufacturing experience, Sonic Concepts can develop a custom solution that meets your industry specific needs.  Our team of application engineers and designers will work with you to develop a product specification, then manufacture transducers and electronics that will meet your performance and environmental requirements.

Our Service Offerings

  • Customized turn-key ultrasound transducer and system solutions
  • Customized transducer prototypes
  • Production transducer manufacturing
  • Grant support
  • Transducer acoustic characterization (Sonic Concepts models only)
  • Hydrophone calibration (Sonic Concepts models only)
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Our Custom Transducer Design Parameters

  • Types of arrays: Annular, sector, phased, linear, annular-sector, theta-theta, random
  • Surfaces: Flat, cylindrical, spherical, irregular cylindrical surface with multiple radius
  • Shapes: Square, circle, donut, ellipse, irregular shapes for apodization
  • Frequencies: 100 kHz thru 7.5 MHz
  • Central opening shapes: Square, rectangle, ellipse, circle
  • MRI compatibility
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