For more than 30 years our customers have used our premium ultrasound transducers deep underwater, down crude oil and natural gas caverns, on production floors and toward minimally invasive human therapy research.   Our customers rely on our ultrasound expertise to identify relevant ultrasound solutions for their unique real-world application.


Medical, Biotechnology

Doctors, biomedical and biotechnical professionals use our biomedical solutions to apply minimally invasive ultrasound therapy for tissue ablation, acoustic cavitation and histotripsy. These products range in size from small ultrasound catheters to large focused ultrasound devices.


Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, NDT

Natural gas caverns and cleaning production environments are no place for marginal products. Our oil and gas transducers are robust, built to handle 3,000 PSI and 100 degrees Celsius. Our semiconductor transducers are designed to deliver precise micro-cleaning and particle separation solutions. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions are also built to survive rough handling and extremely harsh environments.


Sonar, Acoustic Telemetry

Deep immersion underwater applications require a special knowledge of the marine environment.  Our acoustic telemetry systems and hydro-acoustic echo sounders have been used to track underwater marine life. Our imaging transducers produce top-quality underwater sonar imaging.


Corporate, Universities, Hospitals

The world’s leading universities, hospitals and corporate research centers have relied on us to collaborate with them to develop new products and technologies. With our deep knowledge and field experience, we are able to deliver increasingly complex research devices quickly and at a reasonable cost.