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Imaging Transducers

Sonic Concepts specializes in optimizing your imaging requirements utilizing it’s wide-bandwidth stack technology.  Select one of our removable imaging probe to plug directly into your HIFU transducer, or collaborate on a new customize dual-mode 1,024 element 2D array with Sonic Concepts.

IP-Series Imaging Probes for USgHIFU

Our imaging probes include Ultrasound Guided Focused Ultrasound (USgFUS) and Passive Acoustic Mapping (PAM) allow you to integrate real-time imaging arrays with your HIFU transducer system. They are made with wide-bandwidth (>95%), single-crystal technology and are delivered in environmentally sealed housings.

Secondary feature integration include:
• Passive cavitation detectors (PCD)
• Illumination sources
• Laser pointers
• Fiber optic illuminator for photoacoustics
• Cameras
• Biopsy needle guide, punch or forceps
• Catheter guide
• Endoscopes
• Temperature monitoring via thermocouples or thermistors
• Mechanical pointers, wires, rods or tubes
• Micromanipulator

– MRI Compatible

Our IP-Series Imaging Probes are compatible with Sonic Concepts H- or H-300 series HIFU transducers.

Our standard imaging probes are listed below. We can also make custom imaging probes to meet your specific application requirements.

Model # Housing Diameter
Center Frequency
Element Count
Aperture Elevation
Aperture Azimuth
Elevation Focus
IP-102 40.90 3.0 64 14 19.2 80
IP-103 28.60 3.2 64 14 15.4 80
IP-104 40.90 3.5 128 13.5 28.2 75
IP-105 28.60 5.0 64 10 9.6 65

2D IP-Series Imaging Probes for 3D Imaging

Sonic Concepts develops 2D matrix arrays from 1.0 MH at 0.5-lambda pitch to 3.0 MHz at 0.7-lambda pitch.

Each array is built using high performance cable and matching network technology to sustain bandwidth and sensitivity.

Channel count from 64 to 2,048
Multiplex Relays, as high as 8:1
With direct plug into Vantage by Verasonics

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