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HIFUPlex™ Portfolio

Sonic Concepts’ HIFUPlex product portfolio offers customizable turnkey high-intensity focused ultrasound systems for pre-clinical, research, and industrial purposes.

Our HIFUPlex systems combine premium high-intensity focused ultrasound transducer technology with Transducer Power Output™ drive electronics for an affordable, easy-to-use focused ultrasound system that can be customized to meet most specific research and industrial needs.  We also offer MRI-compatible HIFUPlex systems.  Delivered as complete, acoustically pre-calibrated turnkey systems, our HIFUPlex offerings enable researchers and engineers to get up and running quickly in the lab or out in the field.

HIFUPlex Systems

  • Are customizable, allowing scientists and engineers to select from a wide variety of high-intensity focused ultrasound transducers and focal characteristics
  • Can be tailored to support specific environmental requirements, such as longer cord length and specific electrical cord attachment locations
  • Arrive fully acoustically calibrated, fine-tuned by engineering professionals, and ready to use
  • Provide a complete high-intensity focused ultrasound system that is up and running in under 10 weeks
  • Offer an extensive portfolio of solutions to meet diverse research and industrial needs, including optional accessories, to create comprehensive experimentation systems

Available HIFUPlex Systems

  • HIFUPlex – A complete, pre-calibrated turnkey high-intensity focused ultrasound system with integrated drive electronics. Versatile and affordable, HIFUPlex allows researchers to choose from a variety of transducers to meet specific needs.
  • HIFUPlex 1000 – A turnkey system that includes all the electronics of HIFUPlex plus a compact benchtop platform with integrated water conditioning unit that facilitates small-subject studies. HIFUPlex 1000 includes a benchtop platform that controls positioning of the applicator and rotation of the imaging transducer for small subjects. The water conditioning unit provides degassed water as well as a heater and chiller for automatic closed-loop temperature control.
  • HIFUPlex 3000 – A turnkey system that includes all the electronics of HIFUPlex plus additional equipment to facilitate large-subject studies. This includes an applicator arm and integrated cart for easy manual positioning of the transducers. HIFUPlex 3000 also comes with an integrated water conditioning unit that provides degassed water as well as a heater and chiller for automatic closed-loop temperature control.

Select the Optimal HIFUPlex Transducer

Our HIFUPlex systems come with single- or multi-channel high-intensity transducers. They are accurate and easy to use, whether steering, blurring, splitting, or adjusting a single focus. To select the optimal transducer for your needs, choose one of the commonly requested pairings from the chart below, consult our Transducer Selection Guide to specify a model from our extensive catalog, or use our proprietary Design Your Own (DYO) calculator to customize parameters tailored to your unique requirements.

Frequently Requested HIFUPlex High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Transducers

All HIFUPlex systems, except those with MRI-compatible transducers, can be upgraded to add capabilities and accessory components.

The HIFUPlex ELITE System

Sonic Concepts has collaborated with Verasonics to expand the HIFUPlex high-intensity focused ultrasound portfolio, with the all-new HIFUPlex™ ELITE. HIFUPlex ELITE combines the Vantage™ real-time imaging receiver with select high-intensity focused ultrasound transducers to advance cutting-edge research and development. Available exclusively from Verasonics, HIFUPlex ELITE offers the most robust ultrasound-guided focused ultrasound (USgFUS) HIFUPlex system on the market, including comprehensive programming capabilities and a graphical user interface (GUI) for 3D experimentation.

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